Social Media Marketing

Why? Because it’s the most cost-efficient marketing method with the highest ROI. At PSO, we optimize the use of the various social media platforms and tailor their use according to your business requirements.

Reporting & Analysis

• Information on site usage: Number of visits, percentage of new visitors, and the amount of people who left the site from the landing page itself.
• Traffic Sources Overview: The percentage of visits obtained by various sources via search engines, referring sites direct traffic, web advertising and key word usage.
• Map Overlay: Information on the visits to your site from other countries.
• Content Overview: A clue to the quality of your content.

Web Design & Development

• Website design
• E-learning Solutions
• Website usability testing
• Performance testing
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Content Management
• Content Organization
• Usability Design
• Usability Analysis
• Performance Optimization

Media Strategy

Outcome Measurements:
The outcome of the existing campaign is identified with the help of appropriate indicators and data collection methods. We assume the expected return on investment (ROI) with the aid of these outcomes

Media Environment Analysis:
Our media planning groups update themselves periodically, keeping in touch with the new ways to publicize online. We do this to figure out whether the creative advertising campaign message that has been thought of, will do well or not in the assumed environmental setup.

Media Research Activities:
Our online media planning and buying professionals conduct research on the current applicable media selected and the achievements of the prior campaign to understand consumer behavior. Valuable data as such may be ignored by many marketers, but never by us.

Market Evaluation:
A competitive analysis of your market by a media planning agency is very important. Not understanding the market you are in is like searching for a penny in the dark. The more research you conduct, the better your decisions get. Therefore, we follow the case studies of your competitors by analyzing their success or failure. Cross Media Integration According to our media buyers, combining various online and offline media is crucial.

Cross Media Integration:
It allows you to pass your message from different media platforms and therefore reduces the chances of your product or service becoming unsuccessful. Apart from being aware of the benefits, our media buying services never fail to consider the clashes that may occur in cross media integration.

Creative Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising has taken the latest form of advertising campaigns, moving day-by-day from the traditional world. Thinking of creative advertising strategies to sell our clients’ business is a highly admired value of ours. Because it’s not just about showing the brand to people, it’s about sending witty, smart and engaging messages to our audience through the latest social media tools.

Social Media Management

From Facebook, twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and even Zomato, we keep ourselves updated on all the latest social media platforms and make sure to adopt a good managing strategy for our community.

Media Buying

Effective media buying is the ability to stretch that advertising budget.Publiscreen Online understands the value of the budget that you have set aside for marketing and advertising. Thus we make sure that you are investing in the right places and ensure that your message reaches your future customer in spite of the advertising clutter. Stretching your ad budget is as good as our duty. We also know how to do this do this without compromising on quality and effectiveness. Such promises can only be made by media buyers with top-notch experience in the field.Publiscreen Online's mediabuying services have the know-how and can help you no matter how large or small your budget may be. With economical and prudent media buying decisions there is no way your website will be held behind your competitors. Our unique strategies enable us to buy the advertising space you require at reasonable prices.Other online media buying agencies may portray, that maximizing your reach means spending high amounts on advertising. However this isn't true at all. Without proper positioning conducted by, expensive ads can also turn out to be a failure.

Search Engine Marketing

Can anyone locate your store if it is unseen on the map?
Definitely not... Without any clue or idea of where your store is located, customers wouldn't even know of your existence. As a result they would easily opt for another store that they can find very well.
Similarly in the online world, the search engine is the map that your consumer will use to reach your website. If your website is new and no one knows about it, it can gain popularity as well as an opportunity to succeed, only if it is listed on the 1st search engine results page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This is the reason why businesses employ SEO services.

Email & SMS Marketing

E-mail Marketing services are inexpensive compared to the other online marketing tools. It is instant which enables 'Constant Contact'. Publiscreen Onlineoffers bulk email marketing campaigns as an essential form of mass email marketing to communicate with your target audience.

SMS Marketing; being able to place your message into the hands of people is an achievement in itself.
Mobile phones are becoming more popular by the day with Lebanon enjoying more than 1.3 million subscribers. Therefore SMS Marketing in Lebanon can be enjoyed with a high read through rate. Publiscreen Online personally believes that companies and industries can benefit the most through mobile marketing as they have constantly updated inventories.